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College Essay Time!   Fourth Graders began thinking about their future today, with a visit from Bob Stuart.  Mr. Bob (Director of Maine College Circle), two current college students, and one college graduate came to Riverton to inspire our students to dream big and set goals for their future.   Students learned about the importance of working hard throughout their schooling years, imagined what college life would be like, and discussed scholarship opportunities to help make their dreams possible.  This visit launches our next writing unit, in which students research and write a persuasive essay about their future goals and what college will help them accomplish those goals.
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4th graders LOVE to read!  How exciting!  Check out the latest issue of the Riverton Library Newsletter.  In it, you will find information on: 
Top Readers: Congrats to Henschel, Bryant, Kaltuma, and Tonda!  They are the top 4 readers for January at Riverton!New BooksMost Popular Book TitlesOverdue BooksAnd More!Ask your student what books they have been checking out in the library and what they have been reading in class.  This is a great way to get engaged in your student's education.  Happy Reading!

Inspiring People

4th graders read about inspiring individuals who have used their knowledge, voice, and leadership to create a positive change for their lives, surrounding community and our world.   The following videos are brief introductions to Wangari Maathai and Yusra Mardini.  

We also read a fictional story about a boy named Iqbal who had a dream to help his family and community.  If you want more information, ask you 4th grader!
Wolfe's Neck State Park
Some 4th graders braved the snow and the cold and learned so much on our field trip!  Unfortunately, because of the weather and school cancellation, some students did not get to go to Wolfe's Neck State Park.  (We will try to reschedule in May).  Luckily, these students were still able to learn about glaciers and historic, deadly floods through BBC and PBS documentaries!  Ask your student about these wonderful learning opportunities!

Science Check out this phenomenon:

Scientists have been exploring what happened in this video and why.  We found out that water is powerful, water causes flooding, and flooding can happen near ocean and streams. But we weren't sure if flooding just happens in certain places or if it can happen everywhere. So we decide to investigate where else flooding happens!
Check out what Bryant discovered:
Once we figured out that flooding happens when water levels rise, we needed more information about what causes water levels to rise.  We researched and investigated "What causes flooding?" and we discovered that falling rain, melting snow, and rising tides can all contribute to overflowing water.  But then we wondered where does rain and snow come from?  
We did an experiment and with trapping hot water in a jar and watched precipitation fall!

So we discovered that all of  the water on earth is…
Science Exhibit Fourth Graders are getting ready for the science exhibit!  We have practiced using our books to teach others and we cannot wait to teach you!  We hope to see you TOMORROW, TUESDAY OCTOBER 22 during your student's content literacy time: 10:30-11:30 or 12:45-1:45.

Student Gallery Walk and Exhibit

Come and learn about how plants, animals and insects survive!  Students will use their mixed media books to teach all they have learned in science !  We are hosting two events.  You will come to the time that your student has content literacy class.  If you are unsure of the time ask your student and they can tell you!  We hope you can join us!  Paper invitations will come home Tuesday!For Content Literacy Blocks 1 & 2 For Content Literacy Blocks 3 & 4